Vintage Yashica 44 Lm Twin Reflex 60mm 3.5 Lens 127 F. Camera. As Is, Untested. Read

This vintage Yashica 44 LM twin reflex camera has a 60mm 3.5 lens and a 127 F. This classic gray model was manufactured in Japan and features a 6 X 6 film format, making it a unique piece to add to any vintage camera collection. The camera has not been modified and does not come with any custom bundle. This camera is listed under the categories of Cameras & Photo, Vintage Movie & Photography, Vintage Cameras, and TLR Cameras.   

Mir 1b 37mm F/2.8 Mir 1v 4k Hood Vintage Lens For Cameras Canon Wide Angle

Mir 1B 37mm F/2.8 Mir 1V 4K Hood Vintage Lens. For cameras Canon Wide Angle lens. Soviet lens in a VERY GOOD WORKING CONDITION. Lenses are clean, no cratches and fungus. As a whole lens in a very good shape also are completely suitable for photography. I have a lot of lenses so the serial number may differ from the one on the photo.   

Krasnogorsk-3 16mm Movie Camera Meteor-5-1 Lens Soviet Ussr Vintage

   For sale Krasnogorsk-3 movie camera with M42 mount Meteor-5-1 Lens. Lens: Meteor 5-1 F=17-69mm, f/1:1.9. Film: 16-mm colour or black-and-white, size of a frame: 10,05x7,6mm. Frames per second (shutter speed) range: 8 (1/20), 12 (1/30), 16 (1/40), 24 (1/60), 32 (1/80), 48 (1/120), and single frame. The half automatic aperture setting with the thru-the-lens (TTL) exposure-meter provides the high accuracy of the film exposition. Spring motor-drive works without any battery. The half-automatic film loading into the film track simplifiers and make it faster to prepare the camera for the ...

Olympus Om-2n Vintage Slr Camera Withvivitar Auto Zoom Lens Shutter Tested Works

I have a huge variety of charms in stock regularly so check out my charms section++. This listing is for: Olympus OM-2N Vintage SLR Camera w/Vivitar Auto Zoom Lens Shutter Tested Works. Excellent condition camera and lenses. From non-smoking, heated environment with no musty or weird odors. Comes with one Vivitar 80-200MM Auto Zoom lens and one Sears brand 80-200MM Auto Zoom lens. Both Lenses are also in nice condition. 1975 OM-2; 1979 OM-2 MD; 1979 OM-2n; 1984 OM-2SP. Manual; 1/1000 1 s, bulb. 136 × 83 × 50 mm. 520 g (18 oz) (OM-2); 520 g (18 oz) (OM-2n). I package items very ...

Contax Carl Zeiss Ikon Film Camera Sonnar 50mm 12 Lens From Japan Vintage Rare

Contax Carl Zeiss Ikon Film Camera Sonnar 50mm 1:2 Lens. Overall, it is a beautiful item. Rear part of the camera, scuffed. Shutter and timer have been tested for operation. Others have not been checked due to lack of film. There are no specific accessories. Everything pictured is all that is included. We do not mark merchandise values below value or mark items as "gifts" - Japan, US and International government regulations prohibit such behavior. Thank you for your understanding.   

Vintage Canon Ae-1 Program Slr Film Camera With Lens, 166a Flash, Manuals & More

Canon AE-1 Program w/ Rainbow Strap. Carrying case (not superb condition). Everything mechanically works great but I don't have any 35mm film to test the entire process. Please see the picture for exactly what you will receive.   

Voigtlander Folding Camera With Skopar 14.5 F=13.5cm Lens & And Roll Film Adapter

Voigtlander Folding Camera w/ Skopar 1:4.5 F=13.5cm lens & and roll Film Adapter. I have so much it's overwhelming as I'm not an expert in this field. I'll do my best to show pictures and descriptions of what I see. The stickers were on There so im leaving incase it helps identifying. Everything seemst to functionproperly accept it wont stay closed. Comes with film and exta lenses and case which is in rough shape.   

Vintage Camera Soviet Camera Kiev 6 S Lens Vega 12b

Vintage camera Soviet camera Kyiv - 6 S Lens VEGA - 12B 2.8 / 90, PENTACON Six 6x6 Medium format 6x6, Made in USSR. Condition: Good vintage appearance, see photos. The camera is in working condition. The diaphragm is not working. No fungi, scratches or dust. The focus ring operates smoothly. If you have any questions, please send me a message. We try to be as close to the image as possible, but actual colors may vary slightly from what you see on your display. All photos are real - Your order will be carefully packaged to ensure it arrives to you in perfect condition. Our store operates...

Vintage Leidolf Lordomat Sle 35mm Rangefinder Camera & Lordon 50mm F/2.8 I Lens

Untested but appears in good working order with no visible physical damage. I looked up the model number and found the specs online. The Lordomat SLE camera was manufactured by Leidolf company of Wetzlar, Germany in circa 1959. A 35 mm camera similar to the Lordomat SE but in addition to featuring a coupled rangefinder and interchangeable lenses, it also included a selenium meter. In 1960 a rapid-wind single stroke lever was added to advance the film, couter and reset the shutter. Stamped SLE with the serial number on the back top plate. Constructed of a die-cast aluminum body with leatherette...

Vintage Portrait Black Jupiter 8 2/50mm M39 Fed Zorki Leica Rf Lens L39 Sonnar

   This item is in stock in USA. Jupiter 8 2.0/50mm M39 FED Zorki Leica RF Soviet Lens Sonnar copy. Old Jupiter - 8 2/50 Lens Black Edition. Krasnogorsk Optical Glass Factory, KMZ. For Leica Zorki FED Rangefinder Cameras. Zeiss Sonnar 5.0cm f/2.8 COPY. The Jupiter-8 (sometimes marked in Cyrillic, ?????? -8) is a postwar Soviet copy of the prewar Zeiss Sonnar 50mm f/2 for the Contax, built with six elements in three groups. It was made in Contax and M39 mounts, both for rangefinder cameras. Without a doubt the strength of the lens is the image quality. Soviet optical factories ...


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