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My Favorite Manual And Vintage Lenses For Video

3 Affordable Lenses For Video Under 80 Each

Arri Arriflex 535a 35mm Movie Camera Video Tap Zeiss Pl Lenses, 80mm, 120mm, 150mm

   PROFESSIONAL CINEMA ARRI 535A 35MM MOVIE CAMERA VERY WELL CARED FOR CONDITION. EXTENSION EYEPIECE VIDEO TAP + CAMERA COMPUTER 2 VARIABLE SPEED CONTROL UNITS One missing dial. NO scratches, haze or fungus! This lens is in EXCELLENT+++ condition. No oil on aperture blades. Checked with collimator - gives outstanding results. Focusing scale - from 1m to infinity. Aperture scale - from 2.8 to 22. This lens covers Super 35 format and Red Dragon 6K. The glass is clean, no fungus or scratches. Comes with front and rear caps. Lens will take INCREDIBLE IMAGES! This lens was professionally ...
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