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Are Vintage Lenses Radioactive A Scientific Test

Set Military General Scientific 35mm Cine Lenses 25mm 50mm 100mm 152mm 254mm

   ICE-MTE Providing quality products and services. To the Cinema Industry since 1956! Please ask if eligible with your Offer. Nice Set of Vintage 1940'50's. Precision Set of Prime lenses in. Focal Length are as follows. 25mm, 50mm, 100m, 152mm, and 254mm. Made For 35mm B&H Eyemo Cine Motion Picture Camera. Or suitable to be remounted for your specific needs. All have smooth focus, and Iris control. As with all vintage lenses you may find that. They contain minimal amounts cleaning marks, dust, or minor fungus. These lenses are highly Collectible and/or may be. Remounted for...
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