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Bolex Paillard H16 Rex4 16mm Film Camera + Kern-switar 26mm F11 Macro Lens

   BOLEX PAILLARD H16 REX4 16MM FILM CAMERA + KERN-SWITAR 26MM F1:1 MACRO LENS. An excellent condition Bolex H16 Rex-4 16mm camera with the sought-after Kern-Switar 26mm f1:1 Macro lens in likewise wonderful shape. This is a high-end mid-'60s version of the H16, with several useful advanced features, such as manual rewind and variable shutter and frame rates. Camera body clean inside and out, all buttons and winders operational. Motor runs smoothly after winding. The lens has clear distance and f-stop markers, both rings run smoothly. Glass free of scratches or defects. A few ...
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