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Hi Rez 3d Camera Body With Lens Panel, Shoots 3d, 2d And 6x17

   This is the last of the stereo cameras I made in the 2000s... This camera is designed to shoot 6x17 as its based on the Fotoman body. It also will shoot 3D stereo with the included 47mm lens panel with two Schneider Helical focus mounts, 47mm viewfinder and included dual cable release. The included helical focus mounts are are designed to be used with Schneider Digitar 47mm XL lenses. Now available on the used market. It also needs a septum, or a divider between the two 3d images... A piece of flocked metal or wood would suffice. Image size would be approx 56x65mm pairs. Everything ...

Stereo Camera Lens Panel, Medium Format 3d, Synced Matched Pair Of 47mm Schneide

   This is a rare opportunity if you are a Medium format 3d enthusiast. This was a prototype I had designed and built by an opto mechanical design firm to my specs back in the late 2000s. The goal was to make a single panel that housed two 47mm fl Schneider Digitar lenses, with the shutter releases synced with a single cable release as seen in the picture. It took 1.5 years and several prototypes to reach this working model. My plan was to integrate it with a film back for a relatively compact and super sharp MF 3d camera. But I got side tracked by life, and never did phase II. It was ...
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