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Rolleiflex T 6x6 Tlr With F3.5 Tessar Lens, Mint With Minor Faults Uk Dealer

   The Vintage & Classic Camera Co. Internationally Renowned Internet Retailer of High Quality Photographic Equipment. Rolleiflex T 6x6 TLR Camera with F3.5 Tessar Lens - UK Dealer. Optics are clean and clear with no fungus, haze or scratches. There is a very small balsam issue, kind of a 1/3rd moon to the edge of the front element when viewed from the front (see pic). It does not show from the rear and has no effect on the performance of the lens, it is just aesthetic. Also, the shutter will not moves past number 2 on the green (bulb) setting which is equivalent to 3 on the EV ...
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