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Oks (ro) Lomo Vintage For Soviet Camera Zasada Set Of Interchangeable Spy Lens

   OKS (RO) LOMO Vintage for Soviet Camera ZASADA set 4 PCS. This lens was used on rare Russian spy camera Zasada. There are 4 lenses in the set - 35, 50, 85, 135mm. They are purposed for special Soviet spy outfit "ZASADA" that means'ambush' in Russian. Diaphragm is here, but no aperture control ring - it is designed to be controlled from inside of a camera by a pin. The lens has collector value, but can be used for actual shots, of course. The lens can be installed through an adapter on any camera. For example, you can see in photos 2 and 3. The Lens is in Good Condition. Glass is...

Soviet Ussr Large Format Wooden Camera Fk 18x24 Fkd With Lens Lomo Rf=3 10/300

   Soviet USSR Large Format wooden camera FK. 18x24 with Lens LOMO RF=3 10/300. The cosmetic condition can be seen on the photos. Comes with F=3 10/300mm lens Made in 1977! The lens has no fungus or haze (tested on Canon 600D and the picture is clean). The camera unfolds via moving on rails (due to the age of the camera the process needs some help of hands - usual for most old FK cameras). Comes with everything seen on photo (lens, mount hole cover, back glass and one cassette). I will dispatch your parcel as soon as possible. China, USA, Japan and Russia countries 10-20 days. I ...
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