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Cla'd July 2020 N. Mint Bolex H16 Ebm Electric Kern 16-100mm F1.9 Lens Japan

  MINT CLA'd July 2020 Bolex H16 EBM Electric KERN Vario Switar 16-100mm f1.9 lens JAPAN. Japanese vintage cameras are very valuable. I can offer it only to you. I send a product by. It arrives exactly faster than EMS. Total Condition NEAR MINT This camera was completely overhauled by Japanese engineers. Speed correction, adjustment (dial setting). Focusing, zooming grease oil change. Zoom lens barrel polishing correction. Auto iris and auto zoom power supply modification. Vario Switar 16-100mm f1.9 lens :1119186. Tiny scuffs from normal use. It shows signs of use. Lens & Finder...
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