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Voigtlander Avus Scarce Horizontal Model 9x12cm Camera With 12cm Dynar 5.5 Lens

  VOIGTLANDER AVUS SCARCE HORIZONTAL MODEL 9x12CM CAMERA W/ 12CM DYNAR 5.5 LENS. EVERY OTHER WEEK I HAVE QUITE A FEW HIGH TICKET NO RESERVE AUCTIONS STARTING AT 1 CENT.. PLEASE HAVE A LOOK AND GOOD LUCK! Camera shows some signs of prior use. Cover is complete and show some wear. Finder is bright, mirror later installed. Finder and can be turned for either portrait or landscape. Shutter is working, B and T settings work. Faster speeds above 1/10th are accurate, longer speeds hang. Lens/bellows unit moves smooth onto its guide rail. Bellows in good and light leak free condition. The ...
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