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Konvas 1kcp-1m Movie Film Camera W 15epss Motor 28mm 50mm 135mm Lens Woody Box

   Format: normal Film speeds (electronically stabilized according with the link from tacho-sensor): 8,16, 24, 25 & 32 fps Power source voltage: 7.2-8.5 volt DC. Power consumption is up to 23A at maximum film speed. All connections should be very reliable to avoid burning. Magazine capacities: 60 and 120 meters. Lens mount: Russian version of Arri standard. It is a special bayonet OST-18. Flange to focal distance: 57mm Turret: rotating, 3 mounts. Viewing: rotating, mirror shutter reflex. Mirror shutter angle: 150 degrees. Length of exposure at 24 fps: 1/57.6 second. Weight of...
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